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The Issues At Hand

If you choose to vote for me, I promise you that every day, I will wake up fighting for the very same causes that I’ve outlined here today. I will never give up on our future because I genuinely believe we can move forward when people come together. And it’s time for us to move forward as one for a better future for America and the world.

We can have a school system that works for everyone. When everyone’s at the table, we can accomplish great things when we put our children first. I believe that investing in the next generation is the most important thing we can do. As your Cumberland County Board of Education At-Large Representative, I will continue to ensure our kids have what they need to live on their own when they get older. I often quote Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Transparency and Accountability

I believe the community should have a firm voice in the decisions of our schools. As your (At-Large) Board of Education Member, I will dedicate weekly office hours at suitable locations. If elected, I ensure the budget will be transparent & accessible, with ample time for feedback from the community before passage. I will be your voice!

Sound Education

I will fight to make sure that students learn the basic knowledge to navigate life and again, not just to pass a test but also to teach them to use critical thinking skills along with various formulas.

Practical Classes

Students from grades 6th to 12th need to learn essential life skills to navigate life truly—skills such as culinary arts, woodwork, automotive classes & financial literacy. I believe in preparing our students for the future.

No More Mandates

I grieve for everyone who has lost a loved one worldwide due to Covid-19, especially in America, but numbers do not lie. You have a 99.75% chance of surviving this virus if you do not have critical medical conditions. I disagree with forcing students (or adults) to wear a mask due to the health issues that it may cause. I do agree that masks do work with trained health care professionals. I believe that wearing a face coving should be a conscientious decision based on one’s own research. Let me be positively clear about this; It is OK to get a vaccine (If that’s what you want to do), It is OK to wear a mask (If that’s what you want to do). It is not, however, OK or acceptable to mandate or force anyone to do either. It should be a personal decision. This is America.

School Choice

I  stand for the right of parents to choose what's best for their children: whether it's a traditional public school, a charter school, or a private school. I also stand for raising standards to make all schools better, regardless of who operates them. I pledge to work tirelessly with you to improve the quality of our public schools so they can compete with the best of the world.

Aesthetically Pleasing Schools

As a country, we use our schools to prepare students for their future societal roles. There should be schools where a diverse group of students can learn and grow in a non-threatening environment. I've been to many public and private schools, and I've never seen as many unsightly as ours. It's off-putting for kids to have to walk through security, be patted down, and all that just to learn. I know it's not going to be cheap, but it would be nice if our schools were not only safe but attractive environments where every single student is proud to attend. Public school should be a beautiful place to learn.

Better Pay For All Employees

School employees--teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and aides--are some of the most vital members of our community. Yet, the school employee pay scale is severely imbalanced. Let's make it clear to Cumberland County Public Schools that we will not tolerate disparities in salary and compensation and that we want the best teachers and staff for our children. It's time for our educators to get paid for the hard work they do every day, preparing our children for their futures. I won't stop until all school employees receive fair wages for their work.

No More CRT, 1619 Project or Sexually Explicit Images or Teaching.

As your Board of Education (At-Large) Representative, I will ensure that we get back to the basics that made America great. There will be more emphasis on cursive, typing, and reading than political correctness, and we will have fewer distractions and more parent involvement.

There will be no more using the school system as a platform for sexualizing children. The sexualization of our kids has gone too far, and we need to put an end to it with the help of parents, guardians, teachers, and me as your Board of Education (At-Large) Representative.

I will encourage your children to read and learn math instead of getting them involved in gender studies or LGBT classes. We will still teach history but stick to the facts, not turning everything into the politically correct mess that it is today.